Acceptance Speech


Over the summer our kitchen vibrated with the exceptional voice of Nina Simone. That exceptional woman who said that freedom was living without fear. When she spoke those words, it was with the certainty of someone who did not live in that space. The source of her fear lived at her side, in her home—it was the man who had surely promised her his love and devotion.

Domestic violence is a great tragedy that we live with every day. Our institutions, our laws…they’re advancing, but slowly. Although the key to the future may be found in education, we all must speak out and act against this terrible problem that constantly batters our society. Just as Rosa Montero said several months ago in her article “Malditos sean los tibios”, we must act beyond ourselves and create bridges, especially to those who suffer most.

The starting point of this story was a call for help that spun out into a giant web: Begoña guided us, Alize and Maite accompanied us to the doctor, to the police and to court, and Xabi and Asier were with her in the evenings on her solitary and dangerous walk home after her husband escaped and there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Nina Simone was a wounded woman, which wounded those around her. We should all work together so that more women live in the world that Nina dreamed of.

I thank, from the bottom of my heart, the Kutxa Kultur Foundation, the esteemed members of the jury and to all of you who have come here this evening to share this moment with us.

Irun, December 1st, 2017